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We are committed to developing and improving our products and services on a regular basis in order to allow us to meet all of your needs and to help us maintain our industry leading standards. Here at AFT our hardworking team are fully equipped to conduct model studies for the design of electrical furnaces and boost systems, which help us to determine the optimum position for the electrodes before creating your final design.

We are able to design and create a furnace to suit all your workspace requirements and needs in terms of capacity and usage. Our team have over 3 decades of experience in the glass furnace industry and will use all their knowledge and expertise to deliver you a premium quality furnace and service.

At the very core of our values and beliefs, we believe that you, as our customer, come first and that you deserve not only a top quality product but also excellent customer care and service. With this ethos we have received much positive feedback from our existing customers who have all enjoyed working with us from the very start of their project to the very end. We enjoy making you happy and our team are more than capable of fulfilling all of your bespoke design needs.

If you are wanting a premium bespoke design service then look no further as we have all the knowledge and know-how to create a reliable and efficient glass furnace to suit you and your business. With vast experience behind us we have a great understanding of the industry and the capability to understand your requirements, we are able to utilise this knowledge to bring you the very best furnace solution that perfectly suits you.

Our capabilities extend beyond just bespoke furnace design to other services such as consultancy, furnace surveys and new developments and innovations. If you want to find out more about our bespoke design and other services then give us a call today to talk to our experts who will advise you on any queries you may have.

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