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Electrical & Processing .

Here at AFT we take pride in our ability to provide fill electrical boost systems, busbar installation, full transformer installation and high voltage & low voltage installation. In addition we also have the ability to manage everything o do with the process installation and all forms of electrical and electronic fault finding.

Our experienced team are able to cater for any of your furnaces electrical requirements, one of the most difficult problems to address is a problem with the electrical supply to the kiln, this can result in sluggish heat up or poorly fired work, a visit to your premises by one of our electrical specialist will ensure that we get to the source of your electrical problem.

By working in tandem with designers our maintenance team are highly skilled in identifying the electrical issue and resolving and rectifying this malfunction in a timely and professional way to ensure you are back to full capacity as quickly and as smoothly as possible, from replacing individual parts to carrying out a full service and refurbishment, AFT stock a full range of replacement parts to include thermocouples, electrical enclosures and electrode holders.

We specialise in providing and installing full electrical boost systems, Busbar Installations and full Transformer Installations, we cover all aspects of the process and instrumentation and specialise in the high & amp; low voltage engineering, we understand that the production line is the heartbeat of your business which is why we ensure your down time is kept to a minimum.

To ensure you get the best service for all of your electronic & amp; electrical fault finding, please get in touch with one of our electrical engineers.

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