Electrode Holders.

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Electrode Holders .

No challenge is too big, too small or too complicated for us. Our ingenious team here at AFT can design, manufacture and install a wide range of different electrode holders. AFT are proud to say we offer the very best electrode holders on the market, our forward thinking and innovative team are always driving for improvement and perfection and they know exactly how to create the very best electrode holders that will more than satisfy all of your needs.

When it comes to quality, here at AFT we take pride in manufacturing the UK’s highest quality Electrode holders. Our pioneering team have been manufacturing electrode holders for over 30 years, and over these years our team have been able to improve not only our electrode holders but also our customer services as we have been able to learn what works best in terms of your electrode holders and also how to make sure that we are catering for your every need in terms of customer services.

We have made and supplied thousands of electrode holders worldwide and each has been specifically designed to meet essential criteria. In addition we also make sure that all our electrode holders are fully tested in our workshop to make sure that you are receiving only the very best electrode holder possible.

All of our electrodes come with a fully insulated support, we also offer a polycarbonate guard which is ideal to protect people working nearby from the dangers of the electrodes. Our hardworking team have been designing, manufacturing and installing electrode holders for decades and have learnt a lot and gained valuable experience allowing us to offer you the fantastic service we offer today.

If you are interested in our electrode holders then please get in touch with us today and see how we can help you, or why not take a quick look at our other services whilst you are here, as we offer a fantastic selection of refractory cutting, pulse bubbler units and much more!

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Electrode connectors .
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Ordering Information .

When ordering or requesting quotations for electrode holders all we need are the electrode diameter and the holder length, plus the style of holder you require.

Alternatively, if you inform us of the actual refractory details and application for which the holder is intended we shall be happy to advise the recommended type of holder you require.

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