Pulse Bubbler Units.

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Pulse Bubbler Units .

If you are looking for a pulse bubbler unit that is simple and easy to use, then look no further. Our pulse bubbler units are simple to use and can all be fitted with great ease. Our enterprising team fit each pulse bubbler unit with a warning alarm which will alert the engineering teams of any problems – we believe this to be one of the many secrets of our success, as all our pulse bubbler units have been built with you in mind.

With many years of experience our pioneering team here at AFT have gained much valuable knowledge and skills from all of our previous projects. We believe in constant continual development.

Our pulse bubbler units feature some exciting benefits:

Can reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%

Can reduce furnace temperature

Increased production

Improved homogeneity

Decrease in stone loss

Down time reduction

No unmelted batch in the refining area.

By bringing the cooler glass from the bottom of the furnace to the surface in a mixing action where the heat from the flames can be absorbed without the excessive use of crown temperatures our pulse bubble systems can promote a controlled disturbance in the glass flow.

Our friendly team can help advise, design and manufacture your pulse bubbler unit to best match your needs and benefit your business. Over the past few decades we have managed to supply pulse bubbler units across the whole of the UK and the rest of the world.

If you are interested in one of our pulse bubbler units then give us a call today or contact us to learn more about some of the other services & products we have on offer, our bespoke design and electrode holders are just some of them.

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