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Water Systems.

Over the years that AFT have been operating we have designed, manufactured and installed high quality custom water systems to our customers across the whole of the UK. All our team have substantial experience building and designing reliable and efficient water systems. The water systems we provide are closed circuit, pressurised systems meaning that there is no loss of flow to the electrodes making your water system ultra reliable.

Here at AFT we take great pride in being able to say that our premium quality water systems can increase the lifespan of furnace electrodes. This can be attributed to our pioneering team having the ability to create our closed circuit, pressurised water systems.

Your furnace is important and our water systems can be an integral part of your everyday furnace runnings, so we like to make sure that by using one of our water systems we help streamline your operations by ensuring that our water systems are high quality with a long lifespan and are highly efficient. With decades worth of experience we have been able to learn a great deal about water systems and how to make them efficient, easy to use and cost efficient and this is how we are able to give you the water systems we have on offer today. Our team have a great depth of understanding of furnaces and the industry which has given us the edge, enabling us to become the most innovative water system manufacturers.

Should you be in need of a water system then contact us today as our closed circuit, pressurised water systems are reliable and have an incredible longevity meaning you really do get excellent value for money when buying one of our water systems. Why not take a quick look at some of our other products and services we have on offer, for example we think you’ll love our electrode holders and pulse bubble units.

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