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Material & Equipment.

We design, engineer, supply, manufacture and commission a huge range of items associated with glass melting furnaces including furnace boost systems, electrode holders & guards, bubbler systems and many more!

For over 3 decades, our team here at AFT we have been working with our customers to provide them with excellent quality glass melting furnace materials and equipment, our pioneering team always work hard to make sure that we are providing you with only the very best quality products and services possible.

Our connections within the glass furnace industry allows us to provide you . with the best materials and equipments as we fully understand what you want and need. Not only can we provide you with premium quality furnace equipment and materials, but we can do this at a very competitive price as we are the UK’s leading furnace material and equipment providers.

As we have come to have a great understanding of the glass furnace industry and we also have considerable knowledge of all your requirements when it comes to our materials and equipment, we keep all of this in mind when it comes to creating your materials and equipment. We believe that you come first, and we take pride in making sure that when supplying you with your materials or equipment that they are all of an unmatchable quality.

Here at AFT we have the ability to stock and produce a wide range of materials and equipment to make sure that all of your needs are more than satisfied. Why not take a look at some of our other services that we have on offer such as bespoke design and refractory reclaim & dismantling.

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