Refractory Cutting, Drilling & Casting.

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Refractory Cutting, Drilling & Casting.

Here at AFT we offer a wide range of services including Refractory Cutting, Drilling & Casting. Our vastly experienced team have cut many different types of refractory such as AZS, sillimanite and chrome, our capabilities stretch much further as we have the ability to cut all types of refractory. Our refractory cutting experts are continually improving and taking on more challenges to deepen their knowledge, experience and skill to help us maintain our position as UK’s number one refractory cutting service.

AFT also specialise in Refractory drilling, we have a team of highly experienced and highly knowledgeable individuals who all really know their stuff when it comes to refractory drilling. We offer you a wide range of refractory products to suit everybody’s needs. Our methods are tried and tested and we can assure you that they are highly accurate and produce a high quality result in a very short turn around. We are also the UK’s most popular refractory drillers and we attribute this success largely to our dedicated, hardworking and friendly team who are always on hand to help.

Additionally here at AFT we are able to manufacture and supply custom made moulds to meet all of your requirements. Our hardworking team have been casting for many, many years and over this time they have gained valuable experience and knowledge to allow us to deliver you the high quality casting that we offer.

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